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Custom Reactions - Custom Slack & Discord emoji/reactions, for the whole team! | Product Hunt

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Laughs and suprised looks guaranteed. Fun for the whole startup/company/family/fools or whatever you call yourselves these days.

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Use custom reactions in your favorite apps! We thank open standards and countless hours of volunteer work across the world that enable us to fuck around.

"I was a bit insecure about my receding hairline, until one of our designers made a Slack reaction of me with blonde hair. I'm really happy to connect with them younger guys via my lack of self-esteem - if it makes my employees happy, why not?"

Blendor Sefaj

Co-founder at Clover

"This text was meant to be something meaningful, but working in the digital product industry made me a bit dead inside - so here's some Lorem Ipsum for you. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit"

Marcus Fletcher

AI generated human

"They said that I'll get a free Big Mac menu If I write this testimonial. Shit, I was hungry man, didn't have lunch the whole day. Other than that, using custom reactions seriously brightened my mood, highly recommend!"

Rok Premuž

A friend of ours

Unleash your special set of reactions to whole @channel

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