Simple pricing for everyone

Ideal gift for your work homies, that prick in QA who always returns your PR to backlog or for the best manager in the wholewide world.


€ 9.90 EUR

5 custom reactions, tightly packed in sweat and tears of our design interns

Big Chungus

€ 14.90 EUR

10 custom reactions, wrapped up in a big ol' wrap of "I didn't sign up for this in design classes

Meme Lord

€ 19.90 EUR

30 custom reactions, handmade by our creative directors, looking for an excuse to hold their position

What will you get in every package?

Carefully prepared custom PNG reactions, to maximize your joy at a soul-sucking desk job

Chance to make your insider joke into a meme and make yourself immortal!

Another excuse to spend that HR budget on "culture building" and use it for something meaningful!

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